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Frequently Asked Questions



Q. Where can I use my OUTRIGGER GiftCard / eGiftCard?
A. OUTRIGGER GiftCards / eGiftCards can be used at the following participating properties: 
• OUTRIGGER Reef Waikiki Beach Resort
• OUTRIGGER Waikiki Beach Resort
• OUTRIGGER Waikiki Beachcomber Hotel
• OHANA Waikiki East by OUTRIGGER
• OUTRIGGER Ka'anapali Beach Resort
• OUTRIGGER Kona Resort & Spa
• OUTRIGGER Kaua'i Beach Resort & Spa
• OUTRIGGER Khao Lak Beach Resort
• OUTRIGGER Koh Samui Beach Resort
• OUTRIGGER Surin Beach Resort
• OUTRIGGER Fiji Beach Resort
• Castaway Island, Fiji
• OUTRIGGER Mauritius Beach Resort
• OUTRIGGER Maldives Maafushivaru Resort
Q. What can an OUTRIGGER GiftCard be used for?
A. At participating locations, GiftCards can be used for room charges billed on the folio during a stay. Giftcards can also be used at participating outlets.


Q. Does the entire value of the GiftCard have to be redeemed at once?

A. No, the GiftCard may be used multiple times until the entire value has been redeemed.


Q. Will I receive cash back if I do not spend the entire value of the GiftCard?

A. OUTRIGGER GiftCards are not redeemable for cash except when otherwise required by law.


Q. What if the total bill exceeds the value of my GiftCard?

A. If your bill exceeds the amount of your GiftCard, you are responsible for the remaining amount with another form of payment.


Q. Can I redeem more than one GiftCard in a single transaction?

A. Yes, you may use multiple GiftCards to pay for stays.


Q. How do I redeem an OUTRIGGER Giftcard or eGiftCard to be used at a participating OUTRIGGER Resorts and Hotels property?

A. Present the physical gift card or email receipt containing the eGiftCard number at the time of transaction. This may be a physical printout or an image on an electronic device.


Q. Can I use a GiftCard to guarantee room reservations?

A. No


Q. Can I use a GiftCard to pre-pay for a room reservation (e.g. Advance Purchase Rates)?

A. No




Q. Where can I purchase an OUTRIGGER GiftCard?

A. OUTRIGGER GiftCards are available for purchase at giftcards.outrigger.com or at participating hotels.


Q. In what denominations are GiftCards available?

A. Any denomination between $50 - $1,000 USD.


Q. Can I purchase more than 1 GiftCard at a time?

A. Yes, you may purchase multiple giftcards, up to $2,000 per person/per credit card/per day. Please note the maximum value of any giftcard is $1,000.

Q. In which currencies are OUTRIGGER GiftCards available for purchase?

A. OUTRIGGER GiftCards are available to purchase in USD. 


Q. Can my physical GiftCard be shipped internationally?

A. No, not at this time.


Q. How long will it take to receive my GiftCard?
A. eGiftCard delivery is within 1-3 business days of your purchase or on the future send date selected. On rare occasions, delivery could take longer if a manual review is required. 

Physical GiftCard delivery time depends upon the destination. Generally, Federal Express will deliver within 3-5 business days. Cost will be passed on to the customer for overnight delivery.


Q. Will I receive an email confirming the order?

A. Yes, you will receive an email confirming your order. For an OUTRIGGER GiftCard order that is shipped express, you will also receive an email when your GiftCard is shipped.


Q. I placed my order 10 days ago and I still have not received the GiftCard. How can I track delivery of my order?
A. Please email giftcards@outrigger.com.

Q. I have not received a confirmation email for the order of my eGiftCard. Who can I contact to check on the status?

A. Please call Givex’s call center at 1 (833) 632-0867.


Q. Can I return my GiftCard purchase?
A. An OUTRIGGER GiftCard or eGiftCard cannot be refunded after purchase.


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Q. Do OUTRIGGER GiftCards expire?

A. No, OUTRIGGER GiftCards do not have an expiration date.


Q. Can I check the balance on my GiftCard?

A. Yes, you can check the balance online at giftcards.outrigger.com.


Q. Can I replace my GiftCard if lost or stolen?

A. Yes, if previously registered on giftcards.outrigger.com.


Q. What if I locate the GiftCard that I have reported as lost or stolen?

A. Once the card has been reported as lost or stolen, the card is deactivated and the balance is transferred to a new, registered OUTRIGGER GiftCard. The old card has no value and can no longer be used.


Q. Are OUTRIGGER GiftCards safe to buy through Internet gift card resellers?

A. Buying a gift card through an internet gift card reseller carries risk. A prior owner may redeem your gift card prior to you redeeming the gift card. Or, in remote circumstances, a gift card may have been fraudulently purchased whereby the funds may be removed from the card before you can redeem the gift card.