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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long will it take to receive my gift card?
A: Gift card orders are typically put in the US Postal Service 1st class mail the next business day. Therefore, it can take 3-5 days to receive your order. Alternately, if you choose to send an E-Card, the recipient will receive an email immediately with a card image and full 19-digit number. The email can be printed and presented as payment in any of our restaurants.

Q: I sent an E-Card to a friend but they haven’t received an email. Where is it?
A: Junk/Spam mail filters may interpret the E-Card email as marketing material and quarantine it. Please have the recipient check their junk/spam queue on their email client and/or ISP mail portal. Look for emails from @givex.com.

Q: I received an Order Confirmation email. Can I present that as payment in one of your restaurants?
A: No. The Order Confirmation is proof of purchase but does not contain the E-Card number and cannot be used at a restaurant. Only the recipient of the E-Card email has the full card number needed for payment.

Q: What happens if my gift card is lost or stolen?
A: You must login to the Card Loss Protection web site and report that your card has been lost or stolen. This will remove any outstanding balance from the card, effectively freezing any further transactions on the card. The issuer will send you a replacement card with your outstanding balance.

Q: Do I have to register to use this service?
A: Yes. You must register your card in advance of reporting the card lost or stolen. By registering, we know where to send your replacement card.

Q: What happens if the card is stolen and used before I report it?
A: Unfortunately, the card loss protection service can only transfer your unused balance to a replacement card if there is a balance on the lost or stolen card.

Q: If I register the card, is the balance on the card automatically protected?
A: No. The balance on any card can only be protected from unauthorized use if you report the card lost or stolen before the balance is used. There is no guarantee on the balance.

Q: If I report a card lost and then find it again, can I report it found?
A: No. Once you report a card as lost or stolen, it cannot be reversed. You must wait for a replacement card to be mailed to you.

Q: Is there a charge for this service?
A: No. This is a free service to all cardholders.

Q: Does my gift card expire?
A: No. Cards never expire.

Q: Are there any hidden charges or extra fees?
A: No. There are no fees or charges associated with the gift cards.

Q: When will my credit card be charged for an online gift card purchase?
A: When you order online, your credit card will be charged immediately after you click "Submit Order" on the checkout window of your completed order form. You will know that the transaction was completed when you receive a confirmation email containing your order information.